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October 22, 2004 - 12:44 AM (EDT)
Post & Interview by iMob: I got the privilege to turn the tables on our friend WorstDriver. His new modship has made him a new focal point in the game, and I had a few questions I wanted to ask him.

iMob: So you finally got your mod spot
WorstDriver: Yeah, and amazingly it wasn't for being an exceptional helper.

iMob: It wasn't? I thought that was the big thing. Basically how much ass you kissed and how much you pretended to help.
WorstDriver: I was modded for being a great racer. After all this is a racing game. Of course being a great racer leads to a lot of knowledge about the game. I was still able to answer questions easily. So yes I did help, but I think what helped me the most, was being one of the best racers.

iMob: How long you been playing Nitto?
WorstDriver: Since 1.00

iMob: How long were you actively working towards a mod spot?
WorstDriver: 0 days

iMob: 0 days? Come on now, it didn't just fall out of the sky; you were doing something to get noticed.
WorstDriver: I was never trying for a mod spot. Once you begin to try it becomes obvious. If I went into the situation trying it would've been with the wrong intentions.
WorstDriver: I was hoping it would happen, but it's always nice to share knowledge with newer people.
iMob: Ok, fair enough.

iMob: So is WorstDriver your mod name?
WorstDriver: No. WillDance4ModSpot is my mod name. The admin's decided having 2 "Drivers" as mods would be too confusing.

iMob: Who choose the name and WHY that name?
WorstDriver: It started as a joke. X was on the night before I was modded, and asked jokingly if I would dance for a mod spot. So of course I said yes. Well the next day someone was typing in blue on the account WillDance4ModSpot and everyone was like huh? X said WorstDriver this is your account.

iMob: At least X has a sense of humor about the game and modships
WorstDriver: X is a nice guy. I'm glad he was the one that modded me.

iMob: Ok, I know your not a big Mod1 chatter, so what's your goal for your new Mod POWERS
WorstDriver: Help as many people as I can. Try to cut down on the negative stuff in nitto. IE: cheating, scamming, racism.

iMob: Racism? You talking about some kind of Nitto racing disease? LOL
WorstDriver: Racism, as in degrading people for their ethnicity.

iMob: That's a new stance for a mod, I don't know that I know of a mod that puts racism on their "top hits" list.
WorstDriver: Racism leads to cussing and flooding. I want to nip it in the bud.

iMob: So now that you are more then 24 hours into being a Nitto Mod.... what is it like having power over so many people?
WorstDriver: I don't have that much power over normal users. I just have blue text that stands out and a ban button. I just enforce the rules the admins make - that's what mods do.

iMob: Come on you can tell me, isn't having that kind of power just a little bit of an adrenaline rush?
WorstDriver: Its fun but I'm not about to let it get to my head.
iMob: That's good, we have had ENOUGH of that!

iMob: Are you going to continue racing both personally and with your team, now that your a mod?
WorstDriver: Yes I'm switching my mod account to the leader as soon as I can. In 2 hours.
iMob: Well considering that's your roots, I'm glad to hear it

iMob: What words of wisdom do you have for all the people out there that aspire to becoming a mod
WorstDriver: Don't try to hard and keep racing. Oh and if you ever get modded keep your PM's closed. That gets kinda ugly.

iMob: Well you SAID you wanted people to send you races LOL
WorstDriver: Well I got like 150 races, so mission accomplished.

iMob: Ok last question
iMob: Do you want to come off as a "hard ass" mod against scammers and glitchers....or a "softer gentler" mod for the people?
WorstDriver: Both.
WorstDriver: I will talk like a normal user, because sometimes chatting is nice. But if someone is cussing, or causing harm to the game they will face the punishment and I wont care what they say.

Final Thoughts
WorstDriver: I don't want people out there to get mad at me if I don't PM them or if I ignore them. Just because I don't say hi or PM you doesn't mean you aren't cool with me. Don't say that I have changed because I haven't- I'm the same person with 100 different things going on now. So don't be upset- I'll find time to PM you.

Got comments for WorstDriver? Post your thoughts, good or bad, in the Burnout Smoke section of the GotGeeks? Forum.
October 17, 2004 - 6:22 PM (EDT)
Well if you haven't noticed- lately teams in nitto have been trying very hard to become more prominent and well known. So I decided to name a few of the more popular teams and talk a little about them.

I'll start off with my team, Redline Dreams.

Redline Dreams-
Were good for one reason. We race more than anyone hands down. The only pitfalls we have had are some members not being able to cooperate or act mature. Other than that I think we've been about as good as we can be.
Overall: 8.5/10

Fred is a good guy. When I was on the team for a week he didnt send out more than maybe 3 team races. None the least this is a good team. A lot of their members talk too much shit- and well frankly they cant back much of it up either. They've been losing a lot lately, still though they have my respect.
Overall: 7.8/10

I like oB. He has too many accounts though lol. All their racers mainly use their secondary accounts which makes it a good team made up of secondary accounts. I guess I like the team, they are SUPER FAST. I think good leaders make teams better, so I guess..
Overall: 8.4/10

Team Norway-
This team has 460 some odd wins. Obviously they are good. They decline my team races that I send so I really dont know how good they are. If they'd race me I might have more respect for them, until then nope. Gotta race to gain respect.
Overall: 6/10

This is Lanc3rspeeds team. Personally I dont like the team. I think this team is a complete joke. All the members are cocky and talk alot of shit. Not only that but the has openly talked about racing his own team to gain wins. Cheap move- not very respectable or honest. I have so little respect for teams that race themselves that I refuse to give them the priveledge of racing my team. They dont deserve the honor of racing RD.
Overall: 1/10 and thats me being generous.

Forbidden Speed-
Great team. Great team leader. They have 2 guys on the team that I wouldnt mind having on RD. **510_racer** and AEM Racing. I think this team is VERY tough competition for anyone. I give them the best rating because they do things the right way. Hands down a good team- and they are still very unknown.
Overall: 9/10

Well me and X420 are pretty decent friends, so there isnt much hate for his team. Its a good team, good racers- mainly because he only accepts the best. I personally know people that have been waiting to get on for like 5 months. Give it up people if you havent gotten on in a month, you arent good enough PERIOD.
Overall: 8.5/10

Basically just a bunch of popular names on one team. Not sure if they have much racing skill- but to be honest they are probably just around the average racers. I still gotta like them because they dont talk shit- so I do have respect for their team.
Overall: 7/10

Love em. Maaaddogg is a good guy. Sends out tons of races, only team at 1000 wins. Why would you hate these guys? Best team ever, and I hope they never retire the team like there have been rumors about.
Overall: 15/10

Well there are some of your reviews. Im sure I forgot some of the teams, but go ahead and let me know which team you want me to review. Ill go ahead and scout you guys out and make an update to this post. Thanks guys!

If you guys have any comments about this article feel free to spout off at the mouth in the Burnout Smoke section of the GotGeeks? Forum.
Link to this Burnout

October 12, 2004 - 4:13 PM (EDT)
WorstDriver: Okay so BD whats your first name?
.BadDriver.: Alexander but people call me Alex

WorstDriver: Okay Alex, how old are you?
.BadDriver.: I am 18 years old

WorstDriver: How long ago did you start playing nitto - just a rough estimate will be good?
.BadDriver.: Well I started about 2 years ago back in version 1.02 I do not recall the exact date.

WorstDriver: So you spent 2 years playing this game, do you feel like you wasted any time with this?
.BadDriver.: No because maybe I could have got myself in other things that weren't right for me. I feel that playing Nitto I have avoided alot of negative things in life. And also missed out.

WorstDriver: Okay so how did you pick your nitto name? Please be completely honest?
.BadDriver.: I saw my good friend WorstDriver's name and I decided to use another phrase for Worst so I did Bad and thats where BadDriver came from it came from my good friend WorstDriver.

WorstDriver: Yes that WorstDriver is quite the stud
.BadDriver.: LMAO

WorstDriver: Okay so what made you decide you wanted to be a mod?
.BadDriver.: I saw how horrible "Race Room" was going and how the game was getting more and more cheaters daily so I decided to spend hours of my free time in mod help 1 helping as much as posible and accomplish what I wanted and I never gave up. The reason I never gave up was due to my best Nitto friends WorstDriver and God-Speed.

WorstDriver: What do you think was the quality that MRG most liked in you that made him chose you?
.BadDriver.: My hard helping and that I could speak both languages (English-Spanish).

WorstDriver: Do you think this game has changed into a "mod" game rather than a racing game?
.BadDriver.: I believe it has became a "I want to Become a mod Game". It stopped being a racing game since so many people were getting modded so quick and that more cheaters were messing up the fun for the legit racers.

WorstDriver: Okay well lets talk about the racing aspect of it, because the politics in this game can become cut throat.
WorstDriver: Okay who are the top 3 racers in this game?
.BadDriver.: WorstDriver - 99cobraR - .BadDriver.

WorstDriver: Top 3 teams?
.BadDriver.: Redline Dreams - Universal Speed - gotGLITCH?

WorstDriver: What about PE (Pornstars Elite)? Dont you think they get overlooked alot just because they are bracket?
.BadDriver.: I only spoke about teams that I mostly see active I am not aware of alot of awesome teams out there just the ones I mentioned

WorstDriver: Okay. Fair enough.
WorstDriver: Now lets get to the stuff people want to know.

WorstDriver: Did you like mod help 1 when you were in there?
.BadDriver.: HELL NO! Never did and never will. To much hate and jealousy goes on in there. No respect for no one.

WorstDriver: Who are the top candidates for the next mod in your eyes?
.BadDriver.: WorstDriver and Boxingcats1989

WorstDriver: Speaking of Boxingcats1989... do you guys have a thing?
.BadDriver.: We are just friends, no homosexual relationships as people think. Can't have a close friend cause people get the wrong thoughts.

WorstDriver: Is there anything else you just want to talk about? Benefits you get from being a mod?
WorstDriver: Or just random thoughts about nitto?
.BadDriver.: Moderators have no benefits. We only get power.

WorstDriver: With power comes great responsibility. Are their mods that dont deserve the power?
.BadDriver.: Yes there are 1 or 2 that dont deserve it, in my eyes that is.

WorstDriver: You want to share their names with us?
.BadDriver.: No, can't do that.
WorstDriver: I understand.

WorstDriver: Okay you are now done with the Burnout Interview. Thanks Alex.
.BadDriver.: No problem, I was hoping to answer more for you all. Have a good day

Well that is the interview that I had with Alex. Were pretty good friends and he jumped at the thought of getting an interview. So thanks BD - I appreciate that.

If you guys have any comments about what he said, feel free to spout off at the mouth in the Burnout Smoke section of the GotGeeks? Forum. Or you can e-mail me:
If you have any other good questions post them and I should be able to get him to answer them.

Any ideas for future stories are appreciated.

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