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March 31, 2006 - 5:51 PM (EST)
Minboost released the new Nitto website. Its got a whole new color scheme, the new forum has been released and it looks like Nitto is back on the move to a new car and new version. Maybe we can FINALLY get the 2.0 version
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March 30, 2006 - 10:41 PM (EST)
Minboost did release some information. The New Nitto forum is almost complete. You can preview it here.

You can't log in yet but it looks good! It a vBulletin Version Forum. Guess even Nitto is going for mainstream code.
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March 30, 2006 - 9:43 PM (EST)
Looks like they are finally making some changes to the game. What they are yet we arent sure, but the game has gotten unstable and wierd things are happening. Minboost is working on it right now. Soon as I know the changes I will get them posted.

Miniboost just posted that the update has now been postponed due to bugs. They are now back to the origional code. He still hasent stated what they update actually was. He said the bug fixes will be completed tommorow and then the changes will be rolled out.
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March 27, 2006 - 10:14 PM (EST)
Tonight minboost added a new automated message to the Nitto Chats

System: Don't be greedy! Accounts with over $2million are automatically banned

Now NO ONE has an excuse of not knowing the personal account money limit

This message joins the other 4 automated messages already in rotation

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March 09, 2006 - 12:53 AM (EST)
Jeff from Nittorevolution has been back at it again. Apparently Jeff found a legit listing for Tig on a "who am I" site. He felt the need to point out a few facts of Tig's listing. Then he compiled a creative list of pictures in an album. The first page is legit. The photo album is made up.
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