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September 22, 2006 - 5:14 PM (EDT)
After getting some more details on the ENFO drama seems a rouge band of Ethugs ether keylogged him or got it another means. They claim they got it though Yahoo IM. How they go it really doesnít matter.

Transcripts of the supposed conversation with minboost have been supplied here.

In short they claim they did this to try and stop unjust mods. Personally I think they did just what they could do. Meaning that they were able to get a mods password, and it just happens to be ENFO's. I am sure it was not until after they got the password, or they thought they were going to get the password, did this noble cause ever enter their mind.

While I do no agree with their means, or their cause really, I do think that mods are chosen in the wrong way. I also believe that you should have to be atleast 18 and in most cases 20 to be a mod.

Looking at it even deeper. If someone has the time to sit in a chat room and get noticed by an admin, or race enough get a real rep, and they are that age, means they donít have much of a social life. Without that social life they donít know how to interface with people well. They are not practiced in negotiating through other peoples problems or dealing with other peoples egos. With out those social tools they are being to setup to fail at being a good mod.

Some say that when they become mods they change. Some of that is true, some of that is perception. The same thing happens in the real world. A perfect example is when a good worker gets promoted to a supervisor. Before the promotion the worker joked and play side by side with the others, now the worker is/has to give orders and keep his previous friends in line. This creates problems and issues for both parties.

With that said there is also the fact that that power can and many times does go to their head and leads to abuse.

In short, what did you think is going to happen when you choose only mods that suck up. In the real world you get a different dimension on people. Most of the time on the internet, you are still limited to what the person wants to show you.
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September 22, 2006 - 10:27 AM (EDT)
Ok got some new drama out on the game. The admins went though all the user accounts and deleted the team money for any team accounts that had more then $3,999,999. Reminder, the max money in a personal account is $1,999,999 and for a team account $3,999,999. The system will auto ban for personal accounts and take your cash. The cleanup the admins did they did not ban, they just took the $.

On other drama news, it looks as though ENFO has been suspended as a mod. I have not gotten the details as to why or how long yet.
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